"Mesa Vista Ranch: Boone Pickens' Oasis in the Texas Panhandle"

"Mesa Vista Ranch: Boone Pickens' Oasis in the Texas Panhandle" By Ray Sasser

Until iconic businessman Boone Pickens bought an overgrazed 2,900 acre parcel of Roberts County in 1971, the eastern Panhandle of Texas remained largely unsung. What it needed was a new choir director and Pickens was just the man for the job.

What started as a hardscrabble little quail ranch evolved into a sprawling, 68,000-acre oasis for quail, white-tailed deer, mule deer, doves, pheasants, ducks and a variety of non-game animals yet to be catalogued.

The Mesa Vista project continues today, fueled by the endless ideas and financial success of Boone Pickens.

Mesa Vista Ranch is a beautifully illustrated tale that documents the evolution of an elite wildlife ranch. Written by Ray Sasser and published by Collectors Covey, the 192 page book features photography by Wyman Meinzer, Michael Partenio, and Thomas Roberts.

"Mesa Vista Ranch," published by Collectors Covey.

11 1/2" x 12" 1/4" 192 pages. $75.00

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